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Exceeding your Expectations. At fluentintuition we love languages and learning. It's a cliché, but yes, we're passionate! We want you to enjoy a rich learning experience and help you to learn the way you learn best. 

That's why we only select the best qualified teachers and adult learning specialists to be part of our small, dedicated team. Your time is a precious investment, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. 

Our dynamic and inspiring programmes are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning and are skillfully designed to ensure you maximise progress, enjoy time to talk and gain more confidence.

You'll not only be learning a language but you'll find how it's used by those who speak it, through song, music, film, literature, politics,theatre, gastronomy and art.

Personal language training programmes

Fluentintuition has been helping people learn language since 2007 and for 2019-20 we are expanding our accelerated personal learning programmes by Skype to provide you with the chance to make the fastest possible language-learning progress, with flexibility and good-value pricing.

Our programmes offer:

  • tailor-made personal language training courses  to help you make the fastest progress possible
  • one-to-one language lessons online via Skype offering affordable flexibility and the chance to start when you want
  • accelerated learning because programmes are designed to fit you and your requirements
  • the chance to start learning all year round not just in September

We cater to all levels,specialise in the way adults learn and are proud to offer a superior learning experience to our growing community of language lovers.


Why learn with fluentintuition?

Language learning courses: groups and private lessons in Surrey and online courses via Skype in Italian, Spanish, and French 

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